Group size

Max 20




2 hrs

Start times

6:45 am / 6:30 pm / 7:30 pm

With this exclusive opening in the evening, you will be alone inside the entire Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, and this is the best way to get in touch with and to appreciate the huge collection of art that Vatican Museums are keeping within their walls. We feel we need to repeat: the Vatican Museums are only open to our exclusive tour - THE bucket list tour!


Vatican Museums Exclusive Afterhours Opening

Our group, alone with Michelangelo...

Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel St Peters Private inset5

Evening lighting of the Vatican Museums Galleries 

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel skip the line for St Peters Basilica

Magnificient ceiling of the Gallery of Maps

Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel St Peters Private inset3

Choose to be alone and to admire in peace the Raphael frescoes in the Raphael Rooms

early vatican privileged access7

Breathtaking Sistine Chapel during the Afterhours tour of the Vatican Museums

Tour Overview

When approximately 30,000 visitors exit the Vatican Museums and a veil of quietness lays on the statues and paintings in the Galleries, the massive bronze doors of the Vatican Museums will be opened only for you.

Whether you choose to take a private tour or to join a group, you will still have a chance to appreciate the peacefulness and exclusiveness of this tour option. The Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel will be completely empty and available only for your exclusive exploration.

A professional, knowledgeable and licensed guide will lead you through the rooms of what once were Papal’s apartments and through the galleries where Michelangelo’s and Raphael’s footsteps were echoing.

The 2 hour visit will include the Gallery of Candelabra, the Gallery of Maps and Gallery of Tapestries. The Raphael Rooms, usually very crowded with visitors throughout the day, will be completely empty only for you and you will be able to admire, in the evening silence, well-known paintings, part of Raphael’s artistic legacy.

The apex of this exclusive entrance is the visit to the Sistine Chapel, where, in complete silence, you will almost feel the presence of the artists that centuries ago have worked inside this holy place.

This tour is available as a private option, small group tour (20 participants max) and it is also available for bigger corporate groups. It is subjected to availability.

The most exclusive way to visit and appreciate the Vatican Museums.

Tour Itinerary

Meeting Point

Coffee bar "Paolo"

Gallery of Candelabra

Home to many Greek and Roman Statues, the Gallery of Candelabra is a rich collection of art amongst marble floors and magnificent frescos.

Gallery of Tapestries

Containing tapestries created using designs by Raphael, and originally planned to decorate the Sistine Chapel, these unique designs are the work of dedicated Belgian tapestry masters, and an extraordinary collection of Raphael’s legacy.

Gallery of Maps

This collection of Maps was created in the 16th century, designed in detail, depicting Italian regions and some distinctive cities of the Italian peninsula. The maps are a result of very demanding, detailed, historical and geographical studies, and were created by Ignazio Danti.

Raphael Rooms

Once known as the apartment of the Pope Julius II, the four rooms have been painted by Raphael and his scholars. The famous and remarkable School of Athens is to be found in the Room of the Segnatura.

Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is also known as Pope’s private chapel. By being completely alone inside, without the huge crowds entering everyday you will have almost the same feeling - to be in your own chapel! The Last Judgement and the ceiling, with the famous Creation, painted by Michelangelo, will just wait for you to admire them in all the peace and tranquillity of this evening tour.

Vatican Museums Exclusive Afterhours tour inset2

Featured Highlight

Gallery of Maps Ceiling

The Gallery of the Maps was completed in three short years, between 1580 and 1583. With the help of Cesare Nebbia, Girolamo Muziano , and other painters, Ignazio Danti and his team were able to create this beautiful collection which lines the ceiling.