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The Capitoline Museums in Rome not only stand as the world's oldest public museum but also as a testament to the enduring legacy of Roman culture and its influence on the world. Located atop the Capitoline Hill, the museum complex is a treasure trove of ancient Roman statues, Renaissance art, and masterpieces by iconic artists such as Caravaggio.

Among its many notable artifacts are the original statue of the Capitoline Wolf, symbolizing Rome's mythic origins, and the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, one of the few fully preserved bronze statues from Roman antiquity. The museums are housed in two main buildings facing each other on the Piazza del Campidoglio, Michelangelo's splendidly designed square that adds to the charm and historical significance of the location. The interconnected palaces, Palazzo dei Conservatori and Palazzo Nuovo, offer a journey through time, showcasing the evolution of artistic expression and the pivotal moments that shaped Western civilization. This unique blend of art, history, and architecture, coupled with the opportunity to dine with a view of Rome, makes the Capitoline Museums a must-visit destination, offering insights and inspiration to all who walk through its halls. 

We have the possibility of opening the doors of the museum exclusively for your group upon request. Just send us an email before booking and we will provide a quote!

The crown jewel of this museum is a stunning terrace view over the Roman forum from a different persepctive from the usual view points from the Palatine hill, a breathtaking experience!

Tour itinerary

Appartamento dei Conservatori

The rich decoration of these reception rooms (frescoes, stuccoes, carved ceilings and doors, tapestries) has as its main theme the history of Ancient Rome, from its foundation to the Republican Age. The earliest cycle of frescoes goes back to the beginning of the XVI century. the oldest part of the Palace

Museum of the Palazzo dei Conservatori

The Palazzo dei Conservatori, which for centuries served as the seat of the city's namesake magistracy, has housed the sculptures of the Capitoline collection since the 15th century.

Pinacoteca Capitolina

The Capitoline Picture Gallery is the oldest public collection of paintings. It was built on the Capitoline hill between 1748 and 1750, with the purchase of paintings of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries - including masterpieces by Titian, Caravaggio and Rubens.


The building housed the Roman Public Record Office, serving as a repository for the state archives, including deeds, laws, treaties, and Senate decrees. According to an inscription on the building, it was constructed in 78 B.C.

statua equestre di marco aurelio

Featured Highlight

Marco Aurelio Statue

The equestrian statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius stands at the heart of the Capitoline Square, mounted on a grand base. This gilded bronze sculpture, probably crafted between 176 and 180 AD, originally hailed from the Lateran. In 1538, it was moved to the Hill by the decree of Pope Paul III Farnese.