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An award winning tour agency

City Lights Tours was created in 2013 as a small business aimed at providing quality tailored service to all visitors coming to Rome. Thanks to our passionate commitment, effort, and service, TripAdvisor inducted City Lights Tours into its elite “Hall of Fame” in 2019 after receiving its “Certificate of Excellence” for the last five years in a row. TripAdvisor grants this award every five years to only 0,1% of about 75,000 businesses worldwide.

We create all of our tours meticulously with the assistance of artists, historians, archaeologists, and other terminal degree experts. We believe that customized and personalized tours can make the difference in this era of mass tourism and can leave meaningful memories for one’s entire life.

City Lights Tours staff and guides are seasoned professionals, experienced explorers, and open-minded world travelers.

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Meet the Founders!


Maja Ajdin

Dr. Maja Ajdin, Ph.D. As one of the cofounders of the company, she is the backbone, the front bone and every one in between. With a background in political science and diplomacy, her knowledge exceeds most, but her caring, considerate, warm hearted nature never make you feel less. She controls every situation with the upmost professionalism and treats everyone kindly and respectfully.


Sean Egan

As Cofounder of the company, he embodies the true goal of City Lights. A company, like him, that is filled with the desire to help any and everyone, giving high quality and great service. His best moments are ones shared with others, never failing to keep a light, joyous atmosphere alive.


Meet our Team!


Berni Pasquali

At the head of the events outreach and coordination team and back-office assistance, his charism and kind heart not only help bridge new corporate relationships but strengthen those within his team. He is a soccer fanatic, coach, and player who on and off the field never fails to teach us the true value of a team player.


Hassan Sohail

At the head of back-office management, with his humor and light hearted attitude, we are not sure why we hide him away! He has a real knack for computer logistics, numbers, and content management. He has a strong love for the gym and Dua Lipa, you can always count on him to lift your spirits and play a great working playlist


Oliver Coffa

At the head of school/corporate outreach and coordination and web design, his creative and charming nature make for the perfect representative. As a soccer player and fan, his encouraging, "go get it" attitude not only inspires but is a main driver in our team reaching their goals.

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Stefana Sabau

A jack of all trades, handling anything and everything from back office, to events, to communications, and more. She is truly a staple to the City Lights team. With her well-rounded knowledge, quick thinking, and hands on nature, there is not one crisis that she couldn't solve and not one bad day she couldn't cure with her humor.

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our guides

Excellence & Passion


City Lights Tours are proud of our fully licensed, professional English-speaking guides – experts in their field! Combine their passion with history and archaeology, with that of almost a fascination about storytelling, you will be dazzled by City Lights Tours Guides who will be completely at your disposal, and answering any questions you may have along your journey.