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Whether you are a company, an association of professionals or a group of friends, we can organize the perfect experiences for you.


Embark on a journey of cultural exploration, team-building adventures, and entertainment curated by our seasoned team of experts, who bring years of experience in creating unforgettable moments in Rome. Take a sneak peek at the sample itinerary below, and complete the form for an offer tailored to your preferences.

  • Culture

    Private access to after-hours museums and monuments

  • Events

    Corporate events & entertainment

  • Team

    Exciting team building activities to keep you on your feet

Tour itinerary

6 am Vatican Visit

Begin the day by exploring the cities hidden gems, gaining private access to museums and monuments after regular hours for a more exclusive experience.

11 am Treasure Hunt

Engage in fun, dynamic activities for you and your group to have a laugh and discover the city from a unique perspective.

6 pm Aperitivo at Rhinoceros

Wrap up the day by organizing your aperitivo, dinner, or party at exclusive venues with top-tier catering, immersing yourself in the flavors of Rome.


CityLights Tours offers its visitors the exclusive opportunity to discover the main cultural sites of the Eternal City. Let yourself be guided through the rooms of the Vatican or the intricacies of the Borghese Gallery when its doors are closed to the public, for a unique and unforgettable experience.

We meticulously craft all our tours with the collaboration of artists, historians, archaeologists, and other experts holding terminal degrees. We believe these customized experiences have the power to create memories that will last you a lifetime.

      • Exclusive experiences
      • Groups of up to 600 people
      • TripAdvisor 5 star rating
      • Official Vatican Partners


Our Tours


Team Building

Ignite team spirit with our custom team-building activities in the captivating city of Rome. Immerse your colleagues in a variety of experiences from exhilarating treasure hunts through iconic landmarks to hands-on cooking classes that blend culinary skills and teamwork. Engage in fun and intellectually stimulating challenges set against the rich cultural tapestry of Rome, fostering collaboration and camaraderie.

Our offerings go beyond the ordinary, providing unique opportunities for your team to bond and grow together. Whether it's navigating through the city's historical treasures or mastering creative challenges, our team-building services are designed to create lasting memories and strengthen the fabric of your team.

  • Personalized activities
  • More than 30 options to choose from
  • Both indoor & outdoor activities


Rome captivates with its beauty, cultural richness, and as a haven for intellectual pursuits. The city's culinary delights, scenic vistas, and lively venues offer diverse hospitality experiences—whether it's dining in exquisite locales, enjoying aperitivi on exclusive terraces with panoramic city views, or reveling in venues that seamlessly blend great food, music, and dancing to suit all preferences.

  • Various locations from terraces to historic restaurants and music venues
  • From Jazz bands to DJs and any form of live entertainment
  • Pristine artistic direction and decor to set the mood
when in rome dont sit on the spanish steps

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