Group size

Max 25




2.5 hrs

Start time

3:30 pm

This tour, with an official Vatican guide, will give you the chance to visit the Vatican Museums with its magnificent Galleries and the Sistine Chapel.


Pio Clementino Museum Ceiling
Gallery of the Candelabra
Gallery of the Tapestries Inset 2
Gallery of the Maps inset
Gallery of the Maps Banner

Tour Overview

The guide will follow the itinerary that is known as “the highlights” of the 9 mile long Vatican Museums. In this way you will discover the main artworks that made of this site one of the most visited places in the world.

Discover with us the Pio Clementino Museum, the Gallery of Candelabra, the Gallery of Tapestries and the Gallery of Maps. This discovery will allow you to admire artworks like Laocoön, the School of Athens and the Last Judgement.

Your guide will lead you through the complex of several rooms and galleries and they will be ready to answer all your questions and curiosities. Having a guide will also give you the opportunity to discover a lot of behind the scenes facts, that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to.

The highlight of this tour is the Sistine Chapel visit which, with this tour option, will be special and unique. The moment your group enters the Sistine Chapel, all other visitors will be sent away and participants of our group will have the chance to admire this holy place just for themselves. Considering that throughout the day the Sistine Chapel is very busy and it’s very difficult to enjoy the marvellous frescoes in peace, this is a fantastic opportunity to have it all for almost only yourself.

This is the only group option that allows the participants to visit the Sistine Chapel privately and to stay inside almost alone.

Have the privilege to visit the Sistine Chapel and be almost alone inside for more than 15 minutes.

Tour Itinerary

Pio Clementino Museum

This section is the first within the Vatican Museums to gather main artworks and to be open to the public.

Gallery of Candelabra

Ceiling frescoes, decorated marble floors, statues and sculptures are the main attraction of this rich collection of artworks.

Gallery of Tapestries

It is mainly decorated by tapestries designed by Raphael and created by famous Belgian artisans during the 1500s.

Gallery of Maps

This section is one of the biggest and oldest collection of maps, gathering very detailed maps of every single Italian region.

Sistine Chapel

It is also known as the Pope’s private chapel where Michelangelo spent years creating the Last Judgement and the Sistine Chapel ceiling. These two masterpieces are two of his most known artworks.

Featured Highlight

The Sistine Chapel: This visit will give you something different than any other daily tour. Our group will be the only one to stay inside the Sistine Chapel longer than anybody else. This will give you the opportunity to spend around 10-15 minutes almost alone with your group in one of the most visited places in the World.