Our favourite bars, restaurants and corners of the Vatican area

Our favourite bars, restaurants and corners of the Vatican area

Although we are organizing Vatican toursColosseum toursUnderground tours and we are running tours and creating experiences in Florence, Venice, Milan, Amalfi Coast and Pompei, we thought that it would be handy for our guests and followers to discover places where locals in Rome hang out, especially around one of the most visited places in the World, the Vatican.

Some of us actually live in the Vatican area, so here is the list of some places where you will be part of the local crowd and where you can experience a real Roman atmosphere. Also, on our map attached bellow, you can find directions for some useful shops, like pharmacies and supermakets that sometimes are difficult to find in touristic areas.

Our favorite places will help you whether you stay at the Vatican area or you just happen to be there for your Vatican and St Peter’s tour. These are our favorites because they are good, they have great service and we are sure you will be delighted with all of them, as we are!

Have a look on our map below for more places!

  1. Trattoria sul Tetto. A cozy place on top of the Orange Hotel. Excellent service and client oriented staff. Fresh food and Italian delicacies served. Good choice of wines and a fantastic view over the Vatican. The staff is very accommodating and they will be happy to give the explanation of all the food they are serving. Great place! Seats indoors and outdoors. Ask them to let you climb the stairs of the upper terrace as well – you’ll be “on top” of the Vatican Dome.
  2. La Zanzara. Fantastic aperitivo/happy hour served from 5.30pm on, accompanied by freshly prepared snacks served every few minutes. You pay only for your drinks. Try Ginger Spritz and you won’t regret it. If you would like to stay for a dinner, make sure you reserve your spots previously.
  3. Porto. Fish restaurant with affordable prices and very big portions. Excellent wines and a wide range of fish and seafood. The interior design recalls some old but fancy fishermen ship, while outside is a great place to enjoy summer evenings. You have a buffet for lunch with a variety of fish at price of 10€.
  4. Latteria. Fantastic place for breakfast with fresh pastries and great coffee. It’s more than 100 years old and you can notice it by entering inside. Few tables outside with a nice view to Porta Sant’Anna of the Vatican. Very Roman atmosphere and we feel like warmly recommending this place as we have breakfast in this coffee bar on daily basis. In the evening they serve cocktails and snacks as well.
  5. Passpartout. Recently opened restaurant/bar in Borgo Pio. Its modern furniture and design make this restaurant a cozy and sophisticated place, but it’s not all! They have a secret garden on the back of the restaurant where you can enjoy your lunch, dinner or just a drink accompanied by some meat cuts and Italian cheese.
  6. Venerina. If you want to experience some authentic Italian food in the heart of Borgo, you must have a meal at Venerina’s. They serve fresh home-made pasta and they have a great variety of fish and meat as well. In the summer evenings it’s nice to have a table outside on Borgo Pio and “breath” the atmosphere of this marvelous corner of Rome. If you’re lucky you will also spot Venerina, the lady who founded this restaurant some decades ago.
  7. Hedera. This ice cream shop on the corner in Borgo Pio (next to the fountain) is one of those romantic places that brings back childhood memories. Tiny shop with just a few tables, but fantastic gelato flavors. Don’t miss “Hedera” flavour, the recipe is secret, and the taste is unique!
  8. Tommi’s Burger. We can say that this is one of the best burgers in Rome. Try a burger of your choice with sweet potatoes and choose sauces (free to take next to the counter) and combine them with your meat. Great place, great food!
  9. Trattoria Giggi. Very simple family restaurant, serving traditional Italian dishes. Loved by Italians, loved by locals from the neighbourhood and prices are super affordable.
  10. E.G.G. You cannot leave Rome without trying their pasta. So it works like this: you chose the pasta you want and they prepare it in front of you in just 5 mins. Be patient as sometimes this tiny take-away place is packed and probably you will wait not 5 but 10 mins, but then….you will find out what REAL pasta tastes like. We love it and you will love it for sure!
  11. Zazie. If you had it enough of pasta and pizza (and be sure you have had the right ones and not the frozen ones!!), Zazie is the place to go. They serve fresh salads, mixtures of cous-cous with fresh vegetables, fruits and seeds or quinoa salad with zucchini and fresh cheese. They will always give you the best advice for your salad dressings and you can choose the one or all of them that suit your taste the best. If it’s not the lunch-time, they will prepare for you a super tasty smoothie that will make your day.
  12. Sushi Go. It’s not all about pizza and pasta, we know. This is not a restaurant, this is a sushi shop where you can choose whatever you like on the shelves. They will give you all the necessary tools, sauces and they also have Japanese beer! Super fresh, friendly staff and a great variety of sushi.

These are just some of those we like to hang out, to eat or to have a nice drink! In case you discover your favorite in this area, let us know and we will be happy to include it in our map!

We will enrich this collection many other areas and will provide maps, with many different bars, restaurants, hidden corners, so everyone can find their favorite place in Rome. So stay tuned…